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SIBTWORLD Visa Services

Visa Services provide various Chinese visa, Government invitation letter and immigration supporting services to assist your business growth in China. Our customers range from businessman, companies to individual visiting China. We provide personalize advice and assistance to extend their visa and facilitate their stay and entry into China. These countries , Africa, Europe Nation, United States.
Besides having a professional team of Chinese visa experts to assist you, we also ensure that our processing fee is most competitive in terms of the value we created for you. We are here to assist you and provide you with the necessary support on visa service at your doorstep.

Client’s satisfaction and appreciation is our company top priority! For more information on the type of services we provide, please refer to the services available link or you may contact us directly for assistance. Continue reading “SIBTWORLD Visa Services”




We are going to leave those beautiful city, GUANGZHOU, after a tripe of 4 days, full of news even every time and the small hot DONGGUAN.

In fact I would like come here again , I still keep in my mind that there still have thing to learn here,  places to go. thousand way to enjoy yourself and your friends, customers , factories, shoppes. Continue reading “VISITING GUANGZHOU CITY. (final)”

VISIT GUANGZHOU (More than a tripe it’s business niche) part3

Hi!  Nice photos right? I can assure you that what you are seeing  here is less than you can see if you visit the place !

We are  still visiting Guangzhou city and just   from the second and this third days, we have been into many places: factories shops, market even restaurants and hotels. More than a tripe it’s business niche. Continue reading “VISIT GUANGZHOU (More than a tripe it’s business niche) part3”

VISIT GUANGZHOU (China biggest commercial city)

Hi world!
guess you want to know how I did it and you are right, so I am gonna tell you.
Earlier I send a post “Summer time, good for travel business” and  that right on the best season for make some profitable shopping.

Continue reading “VISIT GUANGZHOU (China biggest commercial city)”

Summer time, good for travel business.

Cool to see summer holly day coming up.
Yeah un fact that mean more niche, discount and hundreds other promotion.
If you would like come for buy thing, that the best period. Booking room is right now relative easiest and cheap, many hotel count reservation room already confirm.
Market are all most empty or just get the last clothe model come out from the factory , is good time to bargain.
So after all this if you still don’t know what to do. Contact me I will be happy to help you.


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