VISIT GUANGZHOU (More than a tripe it’s business niche) part3

Hi!  Nice photos right? I can assure you that what you are seeing  here is less than you can see if you visit the place !

We are  still visiting Guangzhou city and just   from the second and this third days, we have been into many places: factories shops, market even restaurants and hotels. More than a tripe it’s business niche. sibtworld.wordpress.comMain thing is that, as well as wealth is   expanding and drawing more opportunities , life come to change , giving Peoples more choices. We have spent all those three days visiting the most different places we can,  those places are the  more attractive places to see.

Saturday night we reach Guangzhou west station, took a train for DONGGUAN city half-hour far from Guangzhou. People who know a bite China’s industries place, they will say that:  In recent years, a number of natural tourism destinations have been built in Dongguan, such as Humen Naval Battle Museum, Humen BridgeOpium War MuseumKeyuan Garden and Yinxian Resort, adding more color to your trip. Catering for the needs of the city’s further development, the pubic facilities in Dongguan are being improved step by step. By now, visitors from both home and abroad can get here easily by air, ship or bus. Also a large number of star-rated hotel are situated everywhere in Dongguan.

The advantageous geographical position also brings to Dongguan a pleasant climate and rich resources. When you come here in the harvest season, you must sample some local agricultural products such as bananas, litchi, longan, pineapples, etc. And the 115.98 kilometers (about 72 miles) long coastline supplies the locals with abundant seafood which is the main ingredient of local dishes. Don’t forget to try it in your travels ,

I will just say one thing; pictures are more expressive than too much  speech, It will still better for entrepreneur or businessmen and factories want to involve, to come and see by themselves, having own opinion in regard of goods advise and guidance SIBTworld can give for you.



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