We are going to leave those beautiful city, GUANGZHOU, after a tripe of 4 days, full of news even every time and the small hot DONGGUAN.

In fact I would like come here again , I still keep in my mind that there still have thing to learn here,  places to go. thousand way to enjoy yourself and your friends, customers , factories, shoppes.

Markets place are number is huge, inside it’s full of energy ,  Peoples are kind here in DONGGUAN, I met foreigners , living China for years. They all told me the same story about GUANGZHOU and DONGGUAN, one , manager of IMPORT&EXPORT COMPANY said; “it’s really impressive to see, how those ten last year, thing grow here in China, specially in GUANGZHOU”  another one work for foreigners company said;” life is fine,everyday we can building stand every where, Club, Hotel and many others leisure place…” .

Chinese driver said that; “we can’t ignore difficulties arising from the thirst for development and improvement  of our life condition, compare to 20 years earlier thing was more difficult  “

I went to all those place, and tested their product quality ,  there is still thing I like and others i do think they can make it better.

Young chinese people wants to learn more about other country’s culture, particularly  the occidental culture and more about USA. just for an idea most of chinese do like NBA star KOBE BRYAN, but  if there is no spot light on KOBE common chinese men in the street who will meet him, they will still think is an AFRICAN.

Being fine here, I going to leave this place for another one.

I really invite  you to come and see by yourself, because word is not as picture speak less show you things, real things.

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