Here there for native French speaker who live in China or plan to come into this country, I found on the web some interesting web site for you even for non-French speaking Peoples, I must tell to my friends that is not easy for Peoples doesn’t speak english to find relative way   to learn “MANDARIN”
SO enjoy it is free or for some others average cost,  learn Chinese language is pretty good investment for all good businessmen.
Right here I am giving you three website you can visite and learn Chinese from then, they are huge of information and good application you certainly will like.
for more information ask me on my mail or just send a comment on this post, I will be Happy to Help you.

The first website is ;” Mon Gestionnaire d’exercices vous propose une solution complète pour la gestion de vos exercices et tests de compréhension écrite. Vous pouvez éditer à volonté des exercices de type QCM et champs texte. Les exercices peuvent contenir un texte et des photos mais aussiun support audio type MP3. gestion des élèves est aussi au rendez-vous avec une gestion par classes et la possibilité d’importer un fichier élèves. Vous pourrez associer vos élèves à des classes. L’historique des résultats obtenus vous permettra de suivre le parcours de chaque élève.

Be sur that I tried it my elf and it help me a lot, so as a beginner you do better to start with it, is free and very easy to use, can download it also for a better schedule. there is also test after each lesson and “HSK, Chinese test language” can help you to check the progress you make.

for more information ask me on my mail or just send a comment on this post, I will be Happy to Help you.

 The second one is  more professional but also have some different skills from the first one, you may use it most like a dictionary;



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