Things going  fine for me and my friend , the  SIBTWORLD team, we came into this China commercial City for make a testimonial of what  you businessmen use to hear or say about China city.

We making a testitimonial about what we have seen, tested, try and get confirmation by real peoples, so be sur that all the informations we give you here  are based on realistic things.

warm-up, earliere we told you how we get rigth here  in this city, and often remind you the purpose of our visit at Guangzhou.

so today, we went visite some factories and small market places.

Be sure those place even if there are not big like the all other famous market in Guangzhou, but they are not the less.

so I could not remember all Chinese name or pinyin, people please excuse me if there will apear some time a blank fellowing some pictures.


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