Postale: COME TO WUHAN City, don’t miss to visit “Helen’s cafe”



We like it and count into its favorite clients, bar tender, waitress and all the client are into special harmony. I have read a post saying that “Offering the usual greasy spoon far as well as burgers and pizzas, Helen‘s is everything a village café is; friendly, cheap and damn tasty. Two thumbs up.” How fare this was wrote by client living in England. But fact is ” it’s the same thing around the world”. this small Pub or Cafe building a web.

I find for you there web site, with cool introduction so go to, you will such : <<

Helen’s Cafe – The Story

From humble beginnings, the creator of Sakura and Helen’s Cafe was raised in the rural mountains near Chongqing ( it’s a Chinese city), home to one of the smallest ethnic minority tribes in China, the Tujia. Growing up as a peasant farmer, the design and layout of Helen’s such as the fireplace, bar area, windows and decorations are all a reflection of childhood memories of living in a home built by his great-grandfather.

The Tujia are known for their skill in woodwork, and their livelihood revolves on the environment they live in. At first glance, the design of Helen’s may seem simple but everything from the floorboards to the lanterns and chairs are made by hand and the trees are handpicked for their simplicity and natural beauty.(…) it is the home of ethnic minority peasants from more than thirty years ago, in the era the originator of Helen’s was born. It can even be considered a lost art form of Southern vintage.

Currently we have four locations – Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xiamen but soon we will open in Wuhan (ALREADY DONE), Nanjing, Hangzhou and Dalian. As long as there are international students in whatever province in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan we will bring Helen’s to you. Our mission is to provide a fun and inexpensive atmosphere for international students to let loose. Although we are the creator of Helen’s, the actual owner of Helen’s is you the student. You make Helen’s the way it is by filling in the gaps – drawing on the walls, connecting with others on our website and contributing your ideas makes Helen’s complete.

Our goal is to provide the highest standard and become the #1 brand for international students in China. We want you to have an unforgettable experience so that three years or five years down the line, when you think of China, you will think of Helen’s and the friends you’ve made and the drinks you’ve shared.>> I have just report what you will read into all the book you can find into any Helen’s cafe.


Best regard, SIBT chairman


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