Credit risk is on the increase among in Greater China

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Credit risk is on the increase among in Greater China

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It’s about Hong Kong, 23/08/2011 – Credit risk is on the increase among listed companies in Greater China. Print

CTRISKS Rating Limited (CTRISKS) affirms the second quarter 2011 corporate credit ratings for listed companies in Greater China, covering mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The outcome reveals that the overall credit quality in Greater China exhibits a certain extent of downward shift. Among the 4,332 rated listed companies, 118 in mainland China, 151 in Taiwan and 157 in Hong Kong have seen deterioration in their credit quality. This has occurred across a range of business sectors..

Dr. Michael CS WONG, chairman and founder of CTRISKS, pointed out that “the latest ratings reflect a growing credit risk in Greater China. An uncertain global economic outlook, the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis and a sharp increase in stock market volatilities have altered investment sentiment in Greater China. In particular, tightened monetary policy in mainland China and downward pressure on the Hong Kong real estate market has led to an escalation in the likelihood of corporate defaults and could dampen business activities in the coming quarters. Our analysts will closely monitor those macroeconomic and market risk factors.”


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