Fight Against Poverty is to Support African’s Countries development Projects 2.0 (PART1)


poverty can touch anyone, be anywhere, don't care about skin color or how old you are...

there is may be ,like me people who have idea of what is poverty, other who can just as strong there can, imagine what poverty can look like, but what about those who live poverty issues life?

  • Do you really think that poverty is just a word? poverty is just a topic teacher talking about for get you boring?
  •  poverty is it that word your parents would like scare with it?

  • there can have some homeless dudes close to your area, is that poverty ? there is may be a show on the TV where organisation try to collect fund for peoples living in AFRICA, it may be that poverty is?

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I went on Wikipedia try to find the academic definition of this word, so that what I  found and retain as can be relative about what I want do is: 

Can you just imagine, there is Billion people cannot even have a basic meal, i am not talking about medical care, or insurance and all those thing, NO, there is BILLION PEOPLE dies because there don’t have WATER, FOODS.

On this same article I read that, there is many reasons who can explain why someone can face poverty:

  1. The supply of basic needs can be restricted by constraints on government services such as corruptiondebt and loan conditionalities and by the brain drain of health care and educational professionals.
  2. Strategies of increasing income to make basic needs more affordable typically include welfare, accommodating business regulations and providing financial services.

You can find more information online just search the word ” POVERTY”, here I was try to fix the point, now I am going to tell you why like all my post I have open a new branch,

Fight Against Poverty is to Support African’s Countries development Projects 2.0

I already say into my preview post that : Fight Against Poverty into third-world countries is by the way an ideal step to go out of world biggest sham facts into this 21Th century.
I mean there  such as UN is an organisations and many others organisations

Organizations and campaigns

, but at  NEW-YORK city , RICHEST and POOR Countries seem to listen and give each other to listen fairy tales.
SO PLEASE  let’s start from the beginning.

I need, I beg you people even if you are coming by accidentally.

I need your help, I want here for this 2012 year, That everyone, who has ear, or information about a third-world country development project, just to come to my blog , here, for promote it, give this project a large broadcasting.

I want the every blogger I follow Help me to make this information lager, I want any bank, Office or any of you at it workplace to talk about and can find interest, or benefits to this project, without exploiting, or spoiling other’s idea to come also give a hand.
let’s try it for this year.
let see at the end of 2012 how we will feel if we can make become true, even one small project come from those countries.



For be the first I will give example and wish find more to upgrade this them:

recently I have been contact by African agent, the guy his rolling it’s small business and need more contact, so He told me about his country project I am  going to give you here and may you be interested into it. May be you will know any of your close who can even be interested on it.

Gabon an African nation located on the West Central Coast of the continent has a strong history of timber exports. To enhance and promote development of downstream
timber processing in the country, Republic of Gabon has banned the export of unprocessed timber logs since
January 2010. The ban has been initiated to encourage domestic transformation of timber logs with the underlying Objective of creating value added timber products in Gabon
in order to achieve higher Productivity levels, create skilled employment and enhance economic growth, with a vision to position Gabon as a key global player in processed timber
products domain.
With a vision to offer world class integrated Industrial park to promote primary, secondary and tertiary timber processing units, Olam International Singapore,  in collaboration with the Republic of Gabon is setting up “‘GABON SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE’”  follow the link

Project Profile

Gabon Special Economic Zone an integrated industrial park with a focus on timber industry is a joint venture effort of Republic of Gabon and Olam international, Singapore […]

In an effort to make Gabon SEZ globally competitive as an ideal destination for timber processing industry offers advantages in terms of logistics, access to forest area

to source raw material free of cost, reduced processing cost increasing productivity adopting cluster approach, increasing outturn encouraging downstream/recovery
industries within the SEZ.
Ground breaking ceremony was performed at site on the auspicious day of 20th September, 2010 in presence of Mr.Gagan Gupta the DG of Gabon SEZ SA. The ceremony marks beginning of development activity at the 1126 ha project site.
The first stone for construction of boundary compound wall was laid on this auspicious day.
The first phase of development of 400 ha with basic infrastructure is targeted to be completed by March 2011.
Plot bookings have commenced from August, 2010.Several renowned industries and service providers have signed up.

SALIENT feature

• Site offers excellent location advantage in terms of
connectivity by Rail, Road, Sea & Air
• Log park management
• Kiln driers
• An eco-friendly co-gen power plan

Project’s attractions

• Forest Concession
• Developed infrastructure within the SEZ at par with
international standards
• Fiscal benefits and concessions
• Single window approach for regulatory and statutory

Just down here I put link you can get to for further information,


You can also contact me,  give me a feed back by comment this post them I will be happy to give you the information you need.



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