Christmas Hit Idea

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Christmas Hit Idea

this may interest some of those who need Idea for original Christmas gift.
The topic is to learn from them and may one for the last week of the year give to your China surpasses the world in yet another category:

Quality husbands,shanghainese husbands are renowned as the best in China, and maybe the world. Here are five reasons why!

1. The exception is when the term is used to describe men in Shanghai — guys who don’t just shop, wash and cook, but famously do so without complaint.
This is why on any Shanghai-based TV show, men are pictured wearing aprons, mopping floors and picking up the kid from school.
The superpowers of local husbands allow them to actually have fun in malls, salons and even the world’s first-ever flagship Barbie store.
While Western wives may spend their lives waiting to taste their husbands’ cooking, the Shanghai man presents his woman with a banquet of delicious home-cooked food with ease. Braised meatballs, fried fish or chicken soup … what do you fancy today, hon?

2. The professional ‘bag carrier’Pop quiz: Which brand of bag will you most often find a Shanghai man carrying?a. Hello Kitty b. Dunhill The answer is, of course, Hello Kitty, because that’s his wife’s bag.When shopping with her Shanghainese boyfriend or husband (yes, Shanghai men shop, remember “ma” from point number one?) the Shanghai female doesn’t need to carry any bags, including her own petite purse. That’s a chore Shanghai men gladly take care of.Shanghainese men also often carry a packet of tissue with them in case their partner should need it.What’s more, they even remember their wife’s period cycle, to know when to behave with more tenderness.This might be considered “whipped” by outsiders, but a Shanghainese man will tell you proudly that it’s their pleasure.

3. Family prideChatting with a married Western man, you may need to wait hours before he mentions his wife. Chatting with a married Shanghainese man, you may need to wait hours before he stops talking about his wife.When a Shanghainese man begins dating, gets engaged or is having a baby, he blasts out the news to every single contact on his cell phone. For Shanghai men, enjoying life with family is far better than going it alone. Proud Shanghainese husbands take their wives to every event they attend, from school reunions to team-building exercises at work.

4. Tolerance The relationship between mother and daughter-in-law is like an active volcano in the Middle Marriage Kingdom. But the Shanghai husband’s legendary tolerance can single-handedly turn a lava flow into a pile of dead ashes, or a volcano to be enjoyed and admired like Mt. Fuji.For the Shanghainese husband, tolerance is a must. “Three-plywood” is a Shanghainese slang term used when a person is stuck between two parties. Being a good “three-plywood,” “four-plywood” or even “five-plywood” man is a serious obligation in Shanghai. The ultimate goal is to make the wife and mother-in-law happy and to unite the whole family.

5. Masculinity in disguiseOK, stop thinking that all Shanghainese husbands are submissive, girlie or wimpy. Believe me, these great guys have the flag of masculinity flying in their hearts. Shanghainese men simply see it as their responsibility to provide their families with a wealthy life. Their outlook is, “I’ll make all the money and deal with all the ‘bei ju,’" a trendy Internet phrase in China meaning “everything tragic.”So, yes, they are tough. But always thoughtful.Shanghai husbands almost always give their wives their entire salaries (receiving an allowance in return), but not before hiding some “si fang qian” (secret money) for personal use. Yet even with their “si fang qian,” Shanghai husbands are likely to buy their wife a gift to make her laugh.That’s called being a man in Shanghai.Do you agree or disagree?

There is here the links


HIV/AIDS, One Target Million Dead!

HIV/AIDS, One Target, Million Dead, issue for development of third-world Countries.


Speeches and thousand committee, meetings or all those official ceremonies wouldn’t make me feel comfortable and may be you also will be agree withe me that, those politicians, out of spend trillions Dollars on building massive destructive weapons, refunding guru banks account, or supporting oversea dictator Warcraft criminal ( NATO…).

No, those organization, have been created for protect Human being against the shame of the diseases ( medical cares, insurance , obesity, orphans diseases ), the shame of starving death ( Sudan, Somali, Ethiopia, India! ) and natural disaster ( Tsunami, Louisiana, Sichuan in China, Fukushima, Chernobyl,…)

So Yes, to occupy Wall-street, no go Bank obvious benefit, no to sell weapons to those fragile countries or any others one where people first need basic cares.


This organization have been made made for peace, if on the board we can see some improve, but on the other side, did only these white colar notice that;
poverty and poor medical treatment kill more people every years?


  • Malaria
  • Human abuses
  • Tortures
  • Refugees
  • Sanitary issues
  • Debt of small country ( in EU, Greek, Spain, USA, France, Portugal, and most of all African Countries )
  • Poor education resource.
  • Civil ware
  • Antipersonnel bombs
  • The right to religious conscious
  • The right to love and live who you where you want ( Human right )

May you find this list not exhaustive, so please you to add the abuse, we living and which one you think, UN must deals with in priority.

To day is ” HIV/AIDS” day, so keep think about those who have this disease, the orphans, medical team who work with, to cure them. The small non profit organization in your city who care about them, those one are the GREAt ones. Those one, deserve to be Support by us.

I wish ones we could celebrate ” the day of HIV/AIDS eradication on the earth”







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