HIV/AIDS, One Target Million Dead!

HIV/AIDS, One Target, Million Dead, issue for development of third-world Countries.


Speeches and thousand committee, meetings or all those official ceremonies wouldn’t make me feel comfortable and may be you also will be agree withe me that, those politicians, out of spend trillions Dollars on building massive destructive weapons, refunding guru banks account, or supporting oversea dictator Warcraft criminal ( NATO…).

No, those organization, have been created for protect Human being against the shame of the diseases ( medical cares, insurance , obesity, orphans diseases ), the shame of starving death ( Sudan, Somali, Ethiopia, India! ) and natural disaster ( Tsunami, Louisiana, Sichuan in China, Fukushima, Chernobyl,…)

So Yes, to occupy Wall-street, no go Bank obvious benefit, no to sell weapons to those fragile countries or any others one where people first need basic cares.


This organization have been made made for peace, if on the board we can see some improve, but on the other side, did only these white colar notice that;
poverty and poor medical treatment kill more people every years?


  • Malaria
  • Human abuses
  • Tortures
  • Refugees
  • Sanitary issues
  • Debt of small country ( in EU, Greek, Spain, USA, France, Portugal, and most of all African Countries )
  • Poor education resource.
  • Civil ware
  • Antipersonnel bombs
  • The right to religious conscious
  • The right to love and live who you where you want ( Human right )

May you find this list not exhaustive, so please you to add the abuse, we living and which one you think, UN must deals with in priority.

To day is ” HIV/AIDS” day, so keep think about those who have this disease, the orphans, medical team who work with, to cure them. The small non profit organization in your city who care about them, those one are the GREAt ones. Those one, deserve to be Support by us.

I wish ones we could celebrate ” the day of HIV/AIDS eradication on the earth”







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