Product need testimonial !

From Evernote:

Product need testimonial !

Hi everyone , I am looking for any of you who ever has listen, even try this product , I don’t know how does it work.
For furthers information you can just click on this link:

The issue here is our generational relationship with water. On the plantations of America, Black Americans did not have much time for grooming. When the time came for grooming, the process of washing the hair, combing and styling was very time consuming. As a result the style had to last a long time. Secondly, Grandmothers and elders would say things such as washing or wetting the hair was bad luck, unhealthy or dirty hair grows faster.

Lastly, the curly hair type is a fiber that when immersed into water it curls up and when treated with heat it elongates. Fascinating isn’t it? The point is that since curly is the natural fixed state and straightness is an alternate state and the most desirable, the latter must be kept as long as possible. This is key with a press-n-curl hairstyle.

Relaxer wearers have somewhat the same issue however, it is not so much about straightness but dryness. I will sum this myth up by saying the styles that Black women bring to the gym can’t get wet. The easy solution is to come to the gym with the style prepared for the next day. Another point is that the woman that loves doing her own hair or knows how to achieve a salon look to some degree has no problem with this myth. They style at night or in the morning and off they go. The notion that any one style will last for two weeks without any home maintenance is unrealistic, unhealthy and borderline lazy.

I wonder what our foremothers that went to the grocery store with garter stockings, a full slip, bra, heels, lipstick, light foundation, hat, a coiffed up-do, pocketbook and a smile would say about this myth.


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