It’s Over Now

African nation football Cup 2012

From Evernote:

It’s Over Now

Happy ending!

That what we all love to see, right here I can affirme that this 2012 African Nation Football Cup, keep it up.
Out of tears, pain, Rejoice, Value, Courage and numerouse human qualities. We enjoye watching on tv or on live, those 16 Teams, bring their dreams out of adversity and struggle to make it become true.
In memorie of those who past away.

This 23em edition, keep all his promise, there we have seen show time, we have seen Talent and genius.

There is those player who make the difference among all the others.

But event if deception come also frome those we ask to give the best of themselves, anything can happen and that is Sport.

There will still somebody to bring the team to to final and those who never give up at all, they screen, Cry Sing, stand for ovation and share all the emotion.

At the End of all the journey, there is still one thing we will never forget.

, that why all those players fight for.

This place was there Arena, the Battle field.

The Ball was there Weapon, the most strong one , because it use your body, dry your emotion and just one GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! And everything is Done.
One, Champion , one team, one Country, but rejoice for all the African Continent.

The good thing is also that close to the Party, people keep in mind that health is important into such situation, so the event stand like a good opportunity to call to personal responsibility into the fight against Diseases.

People behind this movement, Population, you, me, Blogger, Football players and everyone.

Because may be some people don’t know that,

.Is not finish at all there is right just the beginning, this competion bring us for 3 weeks out of clichés about African people, the news usually show us.
So the next rendezvous is for 2013 in South Africa.
Hope to see more engagement About what we all take car of, Human-being.
Wish after this beautiful event your interest to invest into those emerging countries will be stronger.