The world funniest summit ever done?

The world funniest summit ever done?

There is picture we suddenly ” push Me out ”

Between thoses two pictures I still can choose the one I LIKE the most, may you can post me your advise!
Stability, growth, jobs!!!

No one should forget those pictures, wish people will overcome ” vénal ” matters to focus on Human beings!
There is out here thing UN, have to care about, did they just became blind, focus on Trading, Saving Bank, Protecting Financial Gurus, talking more About money, Wall-street.

Could you put a subtitle for each of those picture, please?
May doing better and send it to the Security council and ask them to do so.
Why about this other one?

And those one too.

From WWII to Africa civilian war fully fund by big Industrial Corporals

Blood diamond
War in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Vietnam and many others shameful fight where innocent always pay the higher price: their lives.

What about, Blood diamonds, austerity, sexual slavery, women’s and Children’s Abuse.

Do someone can just talk to those administrator and white collar, if they are supposed to represent us and protect our interest, they should listen to us, all what we need is just out there, in the street.
• more taxes or salary cuts wont help us.
• more austerity wont make grow Country financial stat.
• increase, bargains and support others countries conflicts won’t help and serve anyone ( because even that cost a lot and always prove that locals people can’t bear their hero for longtime.)
• being an entrepreneur or any of those bankers, does not give you the right to do anything!
• Democracy if the a kind of dictatorship, Liberty is a word people say even doesn’t really understand the meaning.

May be you can just help me to bring it to those who can HELP.
Did UN just failed, or is it that UN can’t no more rule the world in the same termed it did after 1945.

This those who send us to the war, those who mean to rule the world and keep it in peace and prosperity, those who have ” G8, G20, EU, UN, BRICS, NATO etc.

They dress up very well, look like they don’t even know the meaning of austerity, they are fate and have beautiful house, Children who sleep well at night, wives who dress, perfume and drive expensive brand.

But every day they take decision for us, they make our daily life rules. Wishe they know well what they do and don’t just fill the bank account of their lobbies.


MERCI pour le commentaire.....

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