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This event which affect all of them!He is the first ever know to release such powerful position, in the History of all the leader around the world, there is no kind like him.
Some of you already guess who is He?
I am talking about the leader of the catholic Church, Pop Benedict XVI.
Yes I did what even before him, his predecessor would never think possible, quite the boat, leave the arena, leave the power Church.
The fact is he want leave the place with empty pocket, as a French website news wrote :

" Benoît XVI devrait toucher environ 2.500 euros de retraite par mois", Pop will receive around 2500 Euro by month.[…] information take from "The Telegraph".

I wish he take better care of himself, keep human his kind, everyday of is pray.
I wish some leader will overcome their ego and learn frome The Pop, they want keep power even if they may endanger others or themselves. Leader want kill people just for be the captain of a zombies Land.
Wish many dictator, will free their people, the Children, let the power for the best of everyone.


Reduce your quality risk and protect your benefit how?.

Importing from China ? You will face the quality issue ? there is many online operator offer you good and reliable services I check on the web and  and found out one here,  it’s call “Veriquality Service”,  it provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry .

Veriquality Service is independent, third-party quality assurance services , so you will notice that their service
 covers all the province across China. The pricing structure for the on-site inspection services is set competitively and is based on man-day charges it’s about “$180”.
so what they do? Continue reading “Reduce your quality risk and protect your benefit how?.”



here are for this last month some opportunities for small pocket to get  a relevant advantage of their money spend, mentionned on , plan ticket charges, tuitions fee and all those others spend you did.

How come at least there is still thing you never think about but happen for some of us, by experience I know that more than 80% of Business traveller come to canton or any commercial city, face finance issues.

the only solution is may be, as I use to say to my clients ” WHY NOT MAKE A GROUPAGE”  it’s easy and reduice the cost of your merchandise shipping.

the other solutions is to check if there is any “PRECHARGE container”  just ready to go, this last one is for me the best one.

in accord to your merchandise need you will have many offer of container , already plan to receive a specify type of goods, guide you to the depot, you will be able to check befor laod the good in the container or any way you will still be able to check the goods quality because there is always a “SAMPLE” available for customers needs.

so don’t worry about finance issue, or time coming over, be just sur that the ” gude , or agency you require have all the informations.

The precharge container goods has advantage of:

No times issues

Fast delivrance merchandise

Shipping charge Lowest

Huges Goods types

Hight selected Factories provide the merchandise

” African nation Football Cup CAN 2012 “

Is just a short Cut fror the post ”
CAN-2012: Zambia seeks to rewrite history.
The memory is tenacious, of course inseparable from Zambia in the 28th African Cup of Nations, held in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
April 27, 1993, off the Gabonese capital Libreville, a military aircraft flying in bad shape in the direction of Senegal, is to be held a playoff game of the 1994 World Cup . On board, eighteen members of the Zambian national team: a golden generation, came third in the CAN 1990 and quarter-finalist in 1992.


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