here are for this last month some opportunities for small pocket to get  a relevant advantage of their money spend, mentionned on , plan ticket charges, tuitions fee and all those others spend you did.

How come at least there is still thing you never think about but happen for some of us, by experience I know that more than 80% of Business traveller come to canton or any commercial city, face finance issues.

the only solution is may be, as I use to say to my clients ” WHY NOT MAKE A GROUPAGE”  it’s easy and reduice the cost of your merchandise shipping.

the other solutions is to check if there is any “PRECHARGE container”  just ready to go, this last one is for me the best one.

in accord to your merchandise need you will have many offer of container , already plan to receive a specify type of goods, guide you to the depot, you will be able to check befor laod the good in the container or any way you will still be able to check the goods quality because there is always a “SAMPLE” available for customers needs.

so don’t worry about finance issue, or time coming over, be just sur that the ” gude , or agency you require have all the informations.

The precharge container goods has advantage of:

No times issues

Fast delivrance merchandise

Shipping charge Lowest

Huges Goods types

Hight selected Factories provide the merchandise


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