Reduce your quality risk and protect your benefit how?.

Importing from China ? You will face the quality issue ? there is many online operator offer you good and reliable services I check on the web and  and found out one here,  it’s call “Veriquality Service”,  it provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry .

Veriquality Service is independent, third-party quality assurance services , so you will notice that their service
 covers all the province across China. The pricing structure for the on-site inspection services is set competitively and is based on man-day charges it’s about “$180”.
so what they do?

 Veriquality provide the integrated solution to protect the client’s benefit:
1) Inspection Service : Pre-shipment inspection , During production inspection , Pre-shipment inspection ,100% production sample inspection .
2) Loading surpervision
3) Factory audit : QMS audit , Factory background audit , C-TPAT audit , Social compliance audit , Specified audit
4) Value Added Service : First sample evaluation , Production mornitoring , Sample picking up , Specification preparation , Factory visiting service ,Lab test coordination .

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So I do request you for more information , please contact me on my e-mail , let a message and I will be happy to answer you you can also go to the web site of veriquality at:


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