Celebrating all around the world 70’S years of the End

The all world are celebrating the 70 years of the end of the WWII, most of the celebrations are taking place in Allies countries ( USA, UE , RUSSIA, JAPAN, CHINA) . 

 Seeing how wealthy those countries have overcome the tragedie of millions of death, ruined cities, collapse economy in most of those countries at the and of 1945.

But still 2002-9-11 to nowadays, World has engaged in a new area of conflicts ( cybercrime, spying and Terrorism) those conflict take more life and devasting more life than the WWI and WWII together, such as asylums , refugees, war crimes.

 In a moder and peaceful area, people are more poor than before, richest are more rich than ever, human rights are  questioning, the right to protection, the right to privacy, the right to speak , the right to be alive.

I call out Mr OBAMA BARACK, PUTIN VLADIMIR, XIJIN PING, EU leaders France and Germany, ISREAL PM, Iran PM, Gulf state Leaders, World Bank CEO, those are the person who have to decide the End of this nonsense decades of WWIII so call war against terrorism 

I am Mr nobody but I know that you make the decision to creat or End conflicts in any place in this hearth. Natural resources will never ends, so human beings to. But Jules Cesar, and Napoleon was the last to conquer the planet by killings. As long as you wish to ensure your countries acces to free or cheat labor and natural resources so War will never end. Then  Times will come when even the greatest collapse.