What it takes

Know, act, Speech.

Everything is being revealed because we are in the REVELATION part of the Bible … there are so many cults and religions worship Satan. The society seems to except Satan a lot more freely these days… I by here expose to your own judgment so you can choose, Life instead of Light or death instead of dark.

who do you think The Grand Architect is? It surely isn’t Jahweh/Jesus/Allah. Can’t be Lucifer either, even though there are overt connections with satanism (not in the sense of the devil worship), like; Know Thyself.

his is a 3-hour long Masonic propaganda to glorify the Satanic cult of Freemasonry. Freemason obligations: 1. Conceal each other’s crimes 2. Deliver each other from difficulty, regardless right or wrong 3. Unduly favor Masonry in political action and in business matters 4. Bound by death oath not to make known of Masonic secrets 5. Swear to avenge Masonic oath-breakers unto horrible death 6. Pay Masonic dues 7. Donate to Masonic charities 8. You will be told that your god is Satan Lucifer when you are at your 30th degree. Congratulations! Freemasonry perverts justice. The justice system and police force are filled with Freemasons for their Satanic gains.

And if you wanna know about free mason , go to Islam . For the bible give salomon the guilty of magic in his kingdom . We know in Islam that Salomon was a fantastic prophet and that the claimings about being a sexist and magician are not Truth . Satan came on earth in the shape of a man , to show wrong people where the books of Salomon were hidden . so are the masons begin .